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Southeast Enterprises Trimming Away Staffing Costs with Dependable Staff

“As the Missouri Cannabis Industry operational deadlines seem to be creeping slower and slower to commencement, with only three licenses in operation at the time of this writing in mid-August, anticipation for potential job opportunities continue to rise in sequence with job unemployment rates. At the risk of bursting a potential job seekers bubble during these tough times of job searching, […]
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Good work: KC’s Southeast Enterprises gives adults with disabilities jobs and purpose

“On a recent Tuesday morning, Southeast Enterprises was bustling with activity. At one end of the workshop at 6701 Booth St. in Kansas City, workers inspected and assembled telescopic extension poles for paint rollers and light bulb changers. Others carefully wrapped paper labels around shakers of barbecue rub. Few were more focused than Nathaniel, AKA “Nano.” His fast-moving […]
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Advocacy Alert!

All Missouri state workshops have been asked to make an urgent legislative appeal. By July 1st, steep cuts to the new fiscal budget will be made. Please contact your elected officials and give them a clear message. DO NOT CUT FUNDING TO SHELTERED WORKSHOPS (EESWP). Some talking points: Ask your representative to contact Governor Parson’s […]
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We are back to work!

COVID Opening and Control Plan The purpose of this plan is to provide guidelines and procedures to help control the possibility of the introduction of a virus into the shop and to minimize the spread of any virus should it be introduced into the shop. As Missouri and Jackson County begin to allow the re-opening […]
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What downtime? We are training from home.

Staff and Associates are doing online learning and workforce training (just like everyone else in the world). All of our trainings are now online. Remember to take pictures as you work through each activity and send them in. We would love to see all the fun and creative things you do with the training. Not […]
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