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Medical Cannabis Business Brings Opportunities for Workshops

Medical marijuana may not be the first industry you associate with workshops, but it’s bringing opportunities for packaging, recycling and other services that shops have delivered for years in other markets.
At least one shop has explored the potential for recycling small vials and other containers used to deliver CBD, a non-intoxicating ingredient of cannabis. Other shops are involved with Missouri’s large medical marijuana industry. One of the most active is Southeast Enterprises in Kansas City.

Account Executive David Melton has been with Southeast since 2019 after taking early retirement from the Kansas City Star newspaper. While at the publication, he had witnessed the explosion of CBD businesses and, seeing a business opportunity, began lengthy research into the field.

“Not only were they marketing like nothing I had seen before, but they were opening dispensaries in many neighboring states,” Melton recalls now. “Seeing this growth, I began prospecting other CBD outlets to get in on the action and build a list of CBD businesses.”

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