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Advocacy Alert!

All Missouri state workshops have been asked to make an urgent legislative appeal. By July 1st, steep cuts to the new fiscal budget will be made. Please contact your elected officials and give them a clear message.


Some talking points:

  • Ask your representative to contact Governor Parson’s office and ask him NOT to cut the Sheltered Workshops’ budget
  • The Governor’s withhold of the June reimbursement dollars negatively impacted shops across the state. Some may not recover let alone absorb additional budget cuts
  • This funding is actually an accrual to help pay for the previous month’s services and support costs for work already done on products in essential supply chains.
  • If certified workshop employees can no longer work, they will be forced to utilize more entitlement programs which in turn come at a high cost to the state.
  • Missouri’s sheltered workshop model is unique in the nation. We operate as a business and do not receive any Federal funds or Medicaid dollars like other states. Our funding comes only from state aid through DESE.

Please send an email or make a phone call supporting the need to fund Southeast Enterprises and all Missouri workshops. Southeast Enterprises sent this letter to the Governor.

Please ask others to participate.

State Officials

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In observance of Memorial Day, our offices will be closed on Monday, May 27th. We will reopen on Tuesday, May 28th, during regular business hours.