Southeast Enterprises Trimming Away Staffing Costs with Dependable Staff

“As the Missouri Cannabis Industry operational deadlines seem to be creeping slower and slower to commencement, with only three licenses in operation at the time of this writing in mid-August, anticipation for potential job opportunities continue to rise in sequence with job unemployment rates.

At the risk of bursting a potential job seekers bubble during these tough times of job searching, here’s a word of warning from experienced eyes. Trimming may not be the job for you! After touring many cultivation facilities in other states, I’ve learned that each trimming room scene seems a mirror image of the other. Most are lackluster work environments — a mundane job resembling assembly-line work from yesteryear, but instead of hammers, screwdrivers, and wrenches, you’ll have trim scissors. If you don’t like repetitive work, this job may not be for you. However, a trimming position can lead to a step up the cannabis connoisseur ’s ladder. Keep this in mind on your job search in this emerging industry…”

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As you may have heard, the CDC has categorized Jackson County, MO as a high community risk for the transmission of the Covid19 virus. SE will be closing our facility early on Friday, July 1st, for the July 4th weekend. We will remain closed until July 8th, returning to normal business hours on Monday, July 11th. Because the holiday weekend poses additional high risks for transmission and SE has a handful of quarantined COVID positive cases, SE is taking extra safety precautions. We feel this extended discretionary closure will mitigate exposure and spread among those we support. There will be no deliveries or pick-ups during this time. Enjoy your 4th of July holiday and remember to be safe. Please wash your hands, mask up, practice social distancing and be careful with the fireworks.